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The extreme bore is actually like that of a small trombone (.485) but it plays focused and not at all "too big". It sold for around 9 in 1927 (03.40 in todays economy, ..thanks Alan Rouse!!) This particular one however was made around 1925.If you are seeking to buy a new trumpet, chances are you are acquainted with them in the general sense.You may not know the ins and outs of the trumpet even though you are familiar with the instrument.In that same year a brand new Model T Ford Touring Model (the bottom of the line) had a "from- the- factory" price of 0, I find this fact somewhat remarkable.made great horns and this Super Recording is one of my all time favorite playing horns regardless of make or vintage.This is the only Conn trumpet from this time period that I have ever seen with the forward facing 2nd valve crook and hanging 3rd valve slide ring.Both of these features are specific to the old French Bessons; perhaps Conn was copying them?

with the medals), --set up with third slide tuning--with the throw ring below and the stop rod on top; this is the ax that Bach copied (but with the ring on top--the stop rod on the bottom) (Besson thought you shouldn't have your left hand in contact with the bell--so they set it up lower). The standard by which all other trumpets are judged is the orignal French Besson trumpet.I purchased it for it for what I considered to be it's sublime playing characteristics. The detailing and overall quality of these vintage F. Olds brasses is evident in every aspect of the horn.Note the "airplane wing sturt" brace, elaborate stop rod assembly (stainless steel heavy rod with threaded,knurled, brass cap nuts), and fancy curved water key.If you want to constantly improve your skill, you should learn about them fully to gain a better understanding.A trumpet is an instrument in the highest register of the brass family, and it is one of the oldest instruments in recorded history – source.

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Intermediate instruments are made for serious amateurs and developing players.

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