Cost of updating an international flight to business class

m (central Bangkok – ฿13-16,000– Utilities, 1-month, 2 people, 65 Sq.

m condo – ฿2500– Internet – 16 MB (True) – ฿799– Cleaner (per month, 3 x per week) – ฿3,000– Deodorant, Nivea roll-on, (50ml): ฿92– 1 box of 16 tampons (Laurie Slim): ฿75– Gillette Mach 3 Sensitive (4 blades) ฿459– Hair shampoo 2-in-1 (400 ml ~ 12 oz.): ฿89– Tube of toothpaste (large Colgate standard): ฿55– Nappies: 64 Pc (Mamy Poko medium) – ฿669– Toilet rolls (Scott 6 roll pack) – ฿79– Lunch for 2 (Black Canyon café): 2 coffees, 2 main meals – ฿400 Baht– 2 adult tickets to the movies – ฿360– 1 cocktail drink in downtown club – ฿250– Grande Cappuccino in Starbucks – ฿120– 1 beer in neighbourhood bar (500ml or 1pt.) ฿100 Baht– 1 month prepaid mobile tariff with 3GB (DTAC) – ฿399 vat– 1 month gym membership at True Fitness (Asoke) ฿2,099 (dependent on sales rep and promotions)– 1 package of Marlboro cigarettes – ฿90From my own expenses living in Bangkok, I’d say that presuming you enjoy an average standard of living in Europe or the US, Canada or Australia, you will need the following amount(s) to maintain that standard in Thailand:– Single male/female in Bangkok – ฿50,000– Couple in Bangkok – ฿75,000– Couple with baby under 2 years old in Bangkok – ฿80,000This includes rent, food, Internet access, gym membership and going out socializing once/twice a week.

Note that if you’re thinking of living in other cities like Chiang Mai or Khon Kaen, the cost of housing is likely to be a lot lower.

However, supermarket food items and entertainment is likely to be about the same. I’ll be adding items to this list and updating it periodically, but if you want to know the price of a particular item or service in the meantime, please let me know and I’ll do my best to research it for you.

The following condo rental prices are averages based on a pool of property listings for Bangkok, and on condos within walking distance to an MRT/BTS station.– Modern 2 Bed 2 Bath Condo, 65 Sq.

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons people move to Thailand is because it’s pretty cheap, and damn awesome, of course.

Please use the currency convertor to convert from Baht to your native currency.– 12 organic eggs – ฿89– Semi-skimmed milk (Meji 990 ml) ฿44– Cheddar Cheese (Mclelland – UK import) – ฿275– Chicken breast 200g (S Pure Healthy) – ฿59– Loaf of brown bread – ฿57 Baht– Penne Pasta (500g) – ฿55– Olive Oil (500ml) – ฿199– Litre of Pepsi Cola – ฿20– Oreos (standard pack) – ฿30– Heineken (490ml can) – ฿59**Prices sourced from Big C & Topps supermarkets.

Please note that as with any country, supermarkets are competitive and pricing varies for different items, albeit by a few Baht.

In general, an airline will put forth an auction by invitation only.

A week or so before your scheduled flight, you'll receive an email asking if you'd like to consider bidding for an upgrade.

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