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This is a classic how-to book for gardeners in the early decades of America. Cobbett gives the reader the details needed to start a garden (including double-digging, times to plant, how to save seeds, building a hot bed, using a green-house, preparing beds, appropriate fencing, soil, etc.,) as well as detailed lists of Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, and Flowers. This is a readable history of Benedict Arnold and the military expedition to capture Quebec in the beginning of the Revolutionary War. A nice series of stories covering one year in time, through the eyes of one of the children who come to stay at the Old Squire's farm in Maine during the Civil War.... A nice reminiscence of Early New England life in the Newburyport area of Massachusetts spanning the Revolution through the early 1800's. A first-hand account of the earliest cross-continental trip from Montreal, Canada, to the Pacific ocean, a full ten years before the Lewis and Clark Expedition. A good look at some of the 'traits' of New Englanders from someone who saw it first-hand... Well-written account of the Native Americans encountered along the way.

and Brook Farm in West Roxbury, Mass., among others... This book deals with vignettes of the length of the Hudson River, from Glens Falls to New York City. Written in the vernacular of New England speech, it makes for an interesting read.... It includes the early history of the area during early settlement through the Revolution. Nice descriptions of teachers' lives and the students they taught. Includes games and recess activities by the children. The author is a writer and photographer who was unknowingly an ethnographer of his time, recording vanishing cultures at the turn of the last century.

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