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id=890933 Here are the different types of Jeep tops and their Pros and Cons: Hard Tops Hard tops offer superior insulation and protection, and give your vehicle the appearance of a standard vehicle or SUV.

In order to make customization of your Jeep top and your shopping for the best kind of top, easier, we have come up with an article that narrates an overview of the different styles of tops for Jeep along with its pros and cons.It could really get quite confusing to determine what is the best option or style since there is quite a wide range available today.Bestop, one of the leading manufacturers of Jeep tops in the industry, for example has quite a lot of options and styles.Half tops can be achieved in two ways: purchasing a bikini top, windscreen, and deck cover combination or an all-in-one half-top unit (all-in-one units are only available from Bestop).Pros: A trimmed-down version of Jeep soft tops; uniquely stylish; features like fold-back sunroofs and zip-down rear windows complete the package; easy to install and remove.

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One of the best features that Jeeps have is being able to customize them with various Jeep tops.

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