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Using this GUID, you must configure DNS with a DNS alias (CNAME record) to map the service name that you define in the Configuration Manager cloud-based distribution point service certificate to the automatically generated GUID.If you use a proxy web server, you might have to configure proxy settings to enable communication with the cloud service that hosts the distribution point.Use the following procedure to configure the proxy settings for the primary site server in the Configuration Manager console.Many of the configuration options for the site system roles are self-explanatory or display additional information in the wizard or dialog boxes.For example, a remote distribution point is a site system server on a computer other than the site server, and which has installed on it the distribution point role.When you install a site system role on a remote computer (including an instance of the SMS Provider), the computer account of the remote computer is added to a local group on the site server.Use the following sections to help you install and configure site system roles for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager: How you install a site system role depends on whether you add the site system role to an existing site system server or install a new site system server for the site system role. Configuration Manager lists the site system roles that are available for you to install.This list depends on your hierarchy configuration and whether you have already installed an instance of the site system role.

You specify this account when you run the applicable wizard to create a new site system server or add site system roles to an existing site system server.Use the following sections and procedures to help you install a cloud-based distribution point.The wizard creates a new hosted service for the cloud-based distribution point.After you close the wizard, you can monitor the installation progress of the cloud-based distribution point in the Configuration Manager console, or by monitoring the Cloud file on the primary site server.You can also monitor the provisioning of the cloud service in the Microsoft Azure Management Portal.

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By default, when Configuration Manager installs a site system role, the installation files are installed on the first available NTFS formatted disk drive that has the most available free disk space.

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