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At age 10, Hilbert began as a student at the Friedrichskollegium Gymnasium – a high school for academically talented children, where he studied for seven years.

In his final high school year, he transferred to the more specialist math-science Wilhelm Gymnasium. Hilbert spent winter at the University of Leipzig and in Paris.

Over a hundred years since Hilbert first listed them, a bright new light would shine on mathematics if the remaining problems could be solved.Hilbert used an entirely new abstract strategy for his proof, establishing that the theorem was true for an arbitrary number of variables.This was a major advance in algebraic number theory.Five years later, he had not only obtained a degree in mathematics, but a Ph. The three pushed one another to ever greater mathematical heights – they would continue to exchange ideas for the rest of their careers.Starting in 1886, David Hilbert worked for nine years at the University of Königsberg, first as a lecturer, then as a professor.

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