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He will help you discover the secret to activating your natural mechanism and put your entire game on auto pilot!

You are a force that can influence and impact people the way you choose to. I know people like to browse things before they buy so why don't you go take a look at the sneak peek preview copy here?

Vin Di Carlo is an experienced PUA who first caught the attention of the community for his analytical posts on ASF ().

Vin Di Carlo is most well known for the Di Carlo Escalation Ladder, a step-by-step kino escalation ladder that breaks down the process of kino from the first touch, all the way to sex.

He also talks about how to inspire women to become a better person through shaping.

Reading those sections, I can see how strongly Vin understands the psychology of human interactions. If you are aware that everything you do has a consequence and natural (predictable) reaction to it, you can learn to respond to the forces in your life instead of just reacting to them.

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